Goibibo Now Lets You Book Flight Seats Via WhatsApp

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Goibibo has now made the selection of seat of your confirmed ticket easier. Now you can select the seat direct from WhatsApp. For this integration, Goibibo has used WhatsApp for Business launched recently.

The company has launched this feature after WhatsApp for Business became officially available. Goibibo team had a challenging task due to the limitation of WhatsApp. But they managed to do this in an interesting way.

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After you book a ticket, from Goibibo, it sends you the ticket confirmation message with PDF copy of ticket on WhatsApp. Then you can select the seat on the same WhatsApp conversation.

Users will see the entire layout on conversation screen with a clear idea of free, paid and occupied seats. The company uses heart emoji of different colors to show the seat layout.

Customer just need to reply with desired seat number and Goibibo books and confirms that seat for them. If a customer needs a premium seat, a payment link is sent to them. The seat will be confirmed soon after the payment.

While it looks simple, but it was not easy. The company had a challenge of showing the entire seat layout. This design also needed to be scalable according to the flight model with Airbus A380 that has a wider layout than A320.

Goibibo has also claimed that users have started liking this feature and it already saw 5X increment in seat booking in just first few days of the feature rollout.

For now, this feature is only available for IndiGo bookings and will be available for all major domestic and international airlines soon.


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