Google Launches Google Assistant for JioPhone

Google Assistant for JioPhone
Google Assistant for JioPhone

Along with several India specific announcements, Google has also announced a special version of Google Assistant in India for JioPhone.

Google Assistant brings benefits on JioPhone with the voice-based user interface. Assistant for JioPhone helps in making phone calls, text, playing music and videos. You can also use it to search on the Internet and access other apps and services.

Google Assistant for JioPhone supports both English and Hindi languages.

It is worth to note that JioPhone already offers a similar kind of voice search for making calls and performing other actions. But the availability of Google Assistant makes it more feature rich.

JioPhone is a feature phone with support to 4G and VoLTE. The company has already sold millions of units across the country.

If you have JioPhone, do not forget to try Google Assistant on it.


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