Facebook launches an app for video creators

Facebook creator
Facebook creator

We know how desperately Facebook wants people to create video content for Facebook. It is now even working with big studios to bring exclusive video content for the social media platform. Now, the company has launched Facebook Creator app for video creators. This app allows video streaming, video upload, messaging and updating stories.

There is already an app for people who manage Facebook page and another app for celebrities. Now a separate app for video creators. The app is just a rebranded version if Mention app that was only available for verified people and pages. But creator app is available for any individual profile or page to access creator tools.

Facebook promised this app back in June at VidCon and now the app has been released on iOS. Android users will have to wait for little longer.

Facebook wants people to upload more content and spend more time watching videos. And creator app could help it make better to create content and manage.

Creator app also allows you to add intros, outros, and custom emoji reactions to live broadcasts. You can use this app to upload stories from the app. It also allows you to post your content on Instagram and Twitter. There is also a unified inbox for comments on Facebook and Instagram and messages from Messenger. SO, you do not need to switch from one app to other to respond to people

The app shows properly analytics with reach, demographics and other stats. It also shows what brands might want to sponsor them.

If you are an Influencer or content creator on Facebook, you should try this app. It will surely reduce your pain and save time to make you more productive.