Now you can explore local planets and moons on Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google’s new announcement for Maps will surely excite you. Now Google Maps allow users virtually experience dozens of planets and moons in our solar system.

I am not sure if you know, Google has long offered detailed imagery of Mars and the Earth’s Moon. The recent update has added many other planets and sub-planets in the list.

explore local planets and moons on Google Maps

There are lots of options to explore including Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Lo, Europa and more. You can also explore International Space Station. Click on this link to open the earth and then start zooming out.

You can use your mouse to zoom in, zoom out and rotate the planet. You can go as close as 200 meters to the surface of a planet. After zooming in, it takes time in showing the clear surface.

So, start exploring your solar system and check other planets.



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