Messenger now supports PayPal payments

Paypal send money Messenger
Paypal send money Messenger

You could already send and receive person-to-person payments through Facebook Messenger. Now, this service supports PayPal as an alternative payment feature.

It is worth to note that Facebook and PayPal already partnered with past and allowed customers in the US to shot from online merchants using Messenger chatbots and then pay via PayPal. Customers had the option to link their PayPal account with the messenger to receive notifications and receipts within Messenger.

So, launching this service was not tough. Over 2.5 million users have already linked their PayPal with Messenger. With person-to-person transfer feature, this number will grow.

While sending a payment on Messenger, users will have option to choose PayPal as the funding source. You can also set it to default payment option for all future payments. To setup Paypal, just initiate payment by tapping the ‘+’ button and then selecting the green payments button. After entering the amount and tapping on Pay, you will have the option to select a payment method. here select Paypal and connect Paypal account. If you have already linked, you can just tap ‘change’ to switch payment method.

As of now, this is only for users in the United States. The company also has no word on when it will come to other regions. The company also has no word on the availability of this feature on the desktop.

This integration will surely bring PayPal to more people. It also partnered with Apple to bring PayPal to iMessage and can be launched through Siri. We can also expect similar partnership from PayPal in coming months.