“Blue Whale Challenge” Game Has Already Killed Over 130 Teens; Must know About The Game

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Games are for fun and entertainment, but the game “Blue Whale Challenge” is deadly and you must know about it. The game began from Russia back in 2013 and has already convinced over 130 teens to kill themselves till date. It has also been reportedly linked to a Mumbai boy’s suicide. So, it is very important for you to know about this game.

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What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

Blue Whale Challenge is a game where a group of administrators or a certain curator gives tasks to the participant. There are daily tasks to complete and the game ends in 50 days. These tasks are curated in a manner to engage a person mentally in the game.

These tasks are easy to start and includes listening to certain genres of music, eating something and watching horror movie along. Slowly, it starts become harder and administrators give tasks like carving out shapes on one’s skin, kill and animal, poke hand with a needle, cut your lip and more. The last task is to own life.

Each target of the game needs to photographed or videotaped as a proof of completion and authenticity.

See the list of tasks

Blue Whale Challenge

Who is behind this game?

A 22-year Russian Philipp Budeikin is the creator of this game who has already been sentenced to Jail for inciting Russian youths to kill themselves. But the other administrators of this game seems to be active.

Budeikin started this game back in 2013 by contacting people online. He used to talk people online and on Skype. His primary target was to find people who are weak enough to be manipulated.

After selecting the target, he starts giving targets that must be completed over 40 days. Later he added more administrators to help.

“Budeikin claimed that the psychological manipulation he was administrating was intended to make the ‘victims’ happy. He said he was giving them the warmth and understanding that they didn’t get in their lives,” read the report of TOI.

Why you must know about this?

This game is successful and motivated Teens to kill themselves because there are teens who are depressed and mentally weak. These teens have no one to assist them and they are getting the comfort from unknown persons on Internet. Now when the game has entered in India, you must take care of teens of your family. You need to talk to them regularly and make a friendly environment. You must also keep an eye on their social media activities.

The death linked to this game has been reported in 19 different countries and this has already crossed the mark of 130. There could be more deaths that were not reported yet or linked to this game.

How Internet companies are helping to block this game?

It is a good sign that the Internet companies are also trying to block this game. If you try to post something with #BlueWhaleChallenge on Facebook and Instagram, it will show you warning and will not allow you to post. China’s largest Internet service portal Tencent also closed 12 suspicious Blue Whale-related network groups on QQ. It has also blocked searches related to this game on QQ.


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