Google Play Services becomes first app to reach 5 billion downloads mark

Google Play Services
Google Play Services

Google Play Services has finally achieved another big milestone. Now the app has officially reached to 5 billion downloads mark globally.

The five billion is a big number and it is still larger than the combined populations of the top 10 most-populated countries on Earth.

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If you are not sure what is Google Play Services, this is actually a service that people do not download manually. This app provides the way to access Google+ API and OAuth 2.0. So, it allows Android phone and android apps to communicate with Google account. It is also used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play.

If Google Play Services has reached to 5 billion downloads mark, it shows that at least 5 billion Android devices have been sold till date. Here Android devices include phones, tablets, TVs, and even some cars.

Not all Android phones come with Google’s suite of software. Many custom ROMs in China does not come with Google Play Store and lacks Google Play services. So, I don’t think that those devices have been counted in this.

It is worth to mention that Google claimed 2 billion monthly active Android devices earlier this year at Google I/O.