Google Just Killed Instant Search

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Google has just killed one of the biggest feature of Google Search that you forgot to notice. Even if there was no official announcement, the change is now visible globally. Initially, I thought it is due to some issue in my internet connection. Later, I found a confirmation report on Search Engine Land.

Google introduced instant search back in 2010 to provide instant search results while you are typing a query. Now, Google has removed instant search results. You still see search suggestions, but you have to type whole query and press enter to see the search results.

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The primary reason for this change is the growing usage of mobile devices. On a mobile phone, instant search does not make sense. On the desktop, most of the people now use browser’s address bar to search where instant search results never come. So, very few people actually using instant results.

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Most of the people who miss this news about instant search will also not notice this change.

What do you think about this change? Did you notice this change in Google search? Share your views in the comment.


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