Atlanta Healthcare’s AirVisual Node Lets you know the Quality of Air around you

Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node
Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node

Air Pollution is a serious issue in metro cities. People know that the air around them is not good for their health, but they have no exact idea how bad air they are breathing.

So, Atlanta Healthcare has launched a smart device AirVisual Node. This is a smart device to use at home or at offices to check the quality of air. This device tells you the quality of Air around you and of a selected city. So, you can easily know about air quality indoor and outdoor.

To measure the indoor air quality, this device has few sensors including CO2 & PM2.5 sensor. With the help of sensors, it tells about Air Quality, CO2 level, and Humidity.

For outdoor air quality measurement, it uses WiFi to connect with AirVisual server and fetch the data. It also shows forecast air quality and weather data up to 3 days in advance. It has the ability to show data for 8,000+ locations in 35+ countries.

It has a 5-inch LED display to show you all these information. With WiFi connectivity, you can connect it with the AirVisual server and sync data to access remotely from AirVisual account.

This device comes with storage and stores the daily data it measures. So, you have the history of air quality at home to compare. You can also set to receive notifications when air quality fails to meet standards.

There is also a mobile app to connect with AirVisual Node and access the data on the go.


It is also packed with a battery that lasts for 5 hours, but this device is meant to use with always plugged into a power source. It also has power saving mode to give you best possible battery life.

In organizations, this device can help a lot. One can install multiple devices at multiple places and check the data from all AirVisual Nodes at a single place and take action accordingly.

You can buy AirVisual Node from for Rs. 18990.


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