Lenovo shows off its concept laptop with foldable display

Lenovo's Foldable laptop

Lenovo held an event in New York to talk about future ideas. In the event, it shows off an image of a laptop with a bendable display and built-in keyboard. The laptop lacks a hinge and it can be folded by bending the display only.

Lenovo says that the idea will use the future screen technologies and “advanced materials”.The company also revealed few details of the product. Lenovo also added that the laptop will be controlled by voice and its pointing stick. The attached laptop looked weird.

I have less hope of seeing this laptop as an actual product in next few years. Lenovo already talked about foldable phone and tablet almost a year back, but no information after that. I also appreciate Lenovo for thinking out of the box and working on something different to give users a new kind of experience.

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We already know that many companies are trying to build the foldable display, but there is no consumer product till date with a foldable display. We have been talking about foldable displays for quite some time, but the tech is not easy enough to bring into a consumer product.

We only have concepts till date. The concept shown in past were too thick to offer a truly flexible experience.The flexible display is now a reality. Researchers from Queen’s University, Canada created a phone called ReFlex with 720p LG Flexible display. But it was also just flexible display. Making foldable display is still a dream.

What do you think about a laptop with a foldable display? Share your views with us in comments.

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