Instagram improves bookmarking with “Collection”

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Last year in December, Instagram introduced the bookmarking feature and allowed users to save Instagram posts in a separate tab and check later. Now, the company has improved the bookmarking feature with the introduction of “Collections”.

The new feature allows users to organize Instagram posts into a private tab but in groups. Grouping similar kind of posts makes it easier to browse it later. It looks similar to what we do on Pinterest with boards, but the Instagram collection is for personal use.

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Instagram Collection

To use this, tap and hold the bookmark icon under any post to save it. You will be prompted to either create a new collection or add it to an existing collection.

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Instagram has also confirmed that around 46% of Instagram users have saved at least one post. It shows that people are using this feature and making it even better makes sense.

The Instagram collection is now available on iOS and Android devices. If you do not see this on your phone, update the app from App store or Play Store.


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