Carot Not Gajar…Here’s Why

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.44.57 AM
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.44.57 AM


April Fools’ spin took you right of the “blind faith” zone this year. Just when you were waiting for Gajar 2.0 to bring you luck, Carot came to rescue. So basically, the “Carot” that will ward off all evil isn’t some object but a smart device. Yes. Welcome to the real world my friend! Carot is a smart solution for the safety of your car. It does bring luck to your rides but with a substantial logic.

If you waited for “Gajar 2.0” to bring you luck, you’d have waited forever. Check out the real Gajar—Carot, a smart device for your car that saves you from a slew of issues many of us encounter every now and then.

Introduced by Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd, part of UNOMINDA Group, the device brings you luck but not on the basis of blind faith.

“Simply insert device into your car’s diagnostic port like you insert a memory stick into your laptop’s USB port! The device has a pre-installed SIM card through which it sends all the data it gets, from car’s engine and its inbuilt sensors, to our server where we analyse the data and provide you with the relevant information,” informs Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect.

Carton Safedriving

So what makes this Carot so magical?

Safe Driving

Indian roads can be highly unreliable which is why you need something to ensure your safety in case of a mishap. Carot comes with a sensor inside the device that helps detect an impact (possibly due to Hard Bump, Strong Jerk, Physical Knock or Collision). Their  servers then analyse the likelihood of a possible accident and inform our call centre to generate assistance call.

Know Your Driver Better

Whether your driver is using the A.C. in parked car or not driving within the acceptable limit. There are alerts for everything. There’s a mechanism in Carot that updates you from time to time. 

Eliminate Car Hiccups

Waking up to a dead engine in the morning is the worst. With the summers here in full swing, car care becomes even more essential. Carot makes it easy for you. The next time your car engine is about to give you trouble, you’ll know in advance. Which means, you never get stuck in the middle of nowhere with any uncertain issues. Carot comes with an alarm of sorts for you car which basically gives you an insight on the problem’s impact on your car & the tips to fix it.

For our Travel Enthusiasts

If you are a travel this is a must-have device. Carot has come up with a feature through which you can easily get a trip-by-trip analysis with all the relevant statistics of your previous trips. Knowing how many stops you took, the duration, the route etc. helps you plan the next one better.

Gajar works like magic on your car.

So the next time those drivers, mechanics and self-proclaimed automobile experts try to fool, you’ll know the real picture.

This April Fools’ save yourself from becoming one. Get your Carot device today!

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