WhatsApp for iOS gets offline messages queue feature and more

Siri Whatsapp
Siri Whatsapp

Finally, WhatsApp has added a much-requested feature that was already available for Android users. Now WhatsApp for iOS supports offline messages queue.

After this update, you can type and send messages even when you do not have active Internet connection. Messages will remain on your phone until you have active internet on your phone.

WhatsApp for iOS also gets redesigned storage usage screen. So, users will be able to manage the storage space by clearing certain messages types and chats. You can access to this storage screen by navigating to Settings / Data and Storage Usage / Storage Usage.

Now WhatsApp for iOS also allows users to send up to 30 photos or videos at once.

If you use WhatsApp for iOS, make sure to check for the update in App store. The update is now available globally to all iOS users.

Download : WhatsApp for iOS