Apple Watch gets two cameras with this third-party Apple Watch strap

Camera on Apple watch
Camera on Apple watch

Apple Watch lacks the camera, but you have the option to get cameras on it. A software startup “Glide” launched an Apple Watch strap with two built-in cameras.

Apple Watch strap called CMRA and features a 2-megapixels front camera for FaceTime video calling and selfies. It also offers 8-megapixel outward-facing camera for shooting objects around you.

Apple watch

To control cameras, there is a single button. Double tap on it to switch between two cameras and single tap to capture. It also features LED indicator and a microphone.

The cameras on the strap feature Tilt Balancing, Lens Correction, Noise Reduction and Pixel Optimization. Both can record HD videos which make it good enough for video calls.

It also syncs with your photo gallery so you can store, edit and share photos on your favorite apps. Apple watch serves as a viewfinder for the CMRA, but you can also use even if the watch is out of power.

Straps are available in three different colors with a limited edition gray colors only if you pre-order.

CMRA Strap for Apple iWatch

The CMRA strap is expected to ship in spring 2017 and will cost $249. Pre-orders are already open for $199 and early birds can get it for $149. It captures 100s of photos and over 30 minutes of video per charge.

Consumers who pre-order will also get the custom dual charging dock that charges both the Apple Watch and CMRA together. This dock also packs a battery back. This charging dock costs $49.

cmra charger


Watch this video to see it in action.


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