Redbus is the newest victim of data breach, 13.72 GB of user data is on Darknet

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India’s popular bus ticketing service is possibly the newest victim of data breach. As per information available, the company’s database was compromised by hackers on September 2016 and the information is now available on the Darknet.

Leaked data has around 4,116,187 user email IDs and total dump size is 13.72 GB. It was posted online on September 15. We cannot confirm when it became available on Darknet.

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If you are one of Redbus users, you must change your password now. If you use same email and password combination on other services, you must change those passwords as well. You can check if your email was there in the list by using this link.

This incident was first reported on Reddit but the company seems unaware of this whole incident. When a user asked about this, Redbus denied about this leak and later deleted the tweet.

Now the company claims to investigate the matter and promised to come up with more details soon.

It is still not clear what data was compromised and the company has yet to reset passwords of all users. We have also asked the company to provide an official statement on this matter and reveal more details on the hack. We will update the post once we have more details.

Source: Reddit


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