Security Researchers take remote control of Tesla’s Model S from 12 miles away

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Tesla is considered to be one of most secure cars as the company takes security very seriously. It also has bug bounty program where researchers can report security issues. This bug bounty program has helped the company in patching a very serious security issue in its car software. Security researchers from China successfully managed to hack Tesla Model S and took control of it from 12 miles away.

Researchers from Keen Security Lab demonstrated how to control the brakes and lock doors from 12 miles away. They also demonstrated the operating of trunk dashboard screen, lights, windshield wipers, wing mirror, and chair remotely from the laptop.

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This whole hack was done using a laptop. In the demonstration, the car was parked and researchers remotely opened its sunroof, activate the steering light, take over the dashboard, reposition the driver’s seat, and central display and unlock the car.

They also demonstrated the same things in a moving car. They turned on the windshield wipers, open the trunk and fold the side-view mirror. They were even able to do all these things when the car was around 12 miles away.

Researchers reported these vulnerabilities through the bug bounty program and all these security issues have already been fixed by an OTA update.

Watch this video to show the demonstration of this vulnerability.



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