Samsung is working on a smart ring

Samsung Smart Ring
Samsung Smart Ring

We have seen many smart ring projects in past. Two years back, Apple also filed for a smart ring patent. But, no working product has ever been launched till date. Now, a patent listing revealed that Samsung is also one of the companies working on the smart ring.

This patent application was filed last year in December. It shows a smart ring  with volume rocker, buttons for answering a call and card slot. This slot can be a microSD or SIM slot. Adding a SIM slot does not make sense in this tiny device.

It also features one of the sensors. It could be a sensor measuring the heart rate or perhaps other biosignals.

The patent application does not reveal about functionality, so we can only make guesses.

We also not sure if this product will actually become a working product for consumers. Many times, we have seen that companies start working on innovative projects but products never come in market. This product actually has the potential to support Samsung Virtual Reality headset. It can work for Samsung Gear VR for controlling content and other things. 

Not just Gear VR, it will also be compatible with a smartphone to control volume, control music and receive calls.

What do you think about the smart ring? Do you wish to see this product in the market?



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