Pokémon Go is coming to Apple Watch

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At the iPhone event, Apple’s Jeff Williams announced that one of the most popular games of history ‘Pokémon Go’ is coming to watch OS 3. So, you will be able to catch, train and hatch Pokémon while checking time and notifications on Apple watch.

Pokémon Go became viral few weeks back and already saw more than 500 million downloads. This game force people to walk around the cities with their smartphone. After the availability in the Watch, users will not need to carry the phone in hand. 

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Even if it runs on Watch, it is still dependent on your iPhone for connectivity. It allows you to carry your phone in the pocket but enjoy the game.

Apple Watch activity summary now also shows items that you collect in Pokémon Go. Apple Watch app will display the nearby Pokémons and distance needed to cover to catch it.

With this announcement, Apple watch has become the first wearable to support Pokémon Go and it will surely boost sales of Apple Watch. Apple Watch is already very popular wearable smart device and best-selling smartwatch around the globe.


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