Pokémon GO is the biggest mobile game in U.S. history

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Pokémon GO became viral soon after it landed to mobile devices. While the game is yet to be available in most of the countries, this game has broken many records and is beating popular apps in terms of user engagement.

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Now this game has become the biggest mobile game in the history of United States. Yes, this game has the more number of active users than Candy Crush Saga. It has reached to 21 million active daily users peak count in the US.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence published a data which shows how this mobile game is beating all previous games in terms of active users.  Other popular games of this year including Slither.io and Clash Royale cannot stand in front of this viral game.  Clash Royale was the most popular game of this year with around 5 million daily active users peak. That is quite smaller as compared to Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO

SurveyMonkey also claimed that Pokémon GO will surely surpass Snapchat active daily users on Android devices in coming days.

Pokémon GO is growing very fast. And this is becoming the threat for many other apps. As the game has already surpassed the Facebook’s daily engagement, this game is on the way to becoming a serious business. If the company get success in keeping its users engaged in the game for the longer time, this game will surely break more records in coming days.



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