YouTube is rolling out its own in-app messenger

Native Sharing

We know YouTube as a video sharing website where users can engage with other users only via comments. But YouTube has found a way to increase the user engagement on this platform. YouTube has quietly launched an in-app messenger for small group of YouTube users. YouTube calls this features “Native Sharing”.

It aims to provide users an quicker way to share videos and invite friends into conversation thread. Friends can then chat about shared video within the YouTube app’s chat. For chats, YouTube gas also added a new tab. As the chat is about the videos, you should not expect features like image sharing or stickers.

As Wired reports, Shimrit Ben-Yair, director of product management at YouTube, says the feature was developed after her team hypothesized that a streamlined native way to share YouTube videos would result in more sharing—which is exactly what YouTube wants.

Sharing YouTube video on mobile is not easy as it involves lot of copy paster and switching apps. This new way is quicker and easier as well. It will also help YouTube in keeping users engage within the app and reduce the bounce. As users can share video with friends within the app, they can then start discussion and stay longer within YouTube app.

As I already said, it is available only for small number of users but those users can invite their friends by inviting them into a conversations.

Google didn’t confirm this feature, so we have no idea when YouTube will be rolling it out officially to all users.

While Facebook is trying hard to chase YouTube’s audience, YouTube needs to do something to beat its growing rivals. Facebook is king of mobile devices where users spend most of their times on Facebook’s app. With growing video views on Facebook, YouTube should come with a strategy to beat Facebook to keep YouTube running well.

Source: Wired

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