Google Spaces: Everything you need to know about the new chat app

Google Spaces

Today, Google launched a new messaging app called ‘Spaces’ and called it “a tool for small group sharing.” But, we are not entirely sure what exactly does it represent. Is it a Pinterest competitor or is it the way Google+ is going to be in the future? But, whatever the company may be looking to achieve the app, the whole prospect and implementation do look interesting.

This app is now available for both Android and iOS. Here is a small guide that will guide you through the features of this application.

How are spaces different from a standard messaging app?

You can make conversations on the app, however, when compared to other apps, Spaces has much more  to offer. You can easily create a space for collecting images, videos, and links that you come across or post stuff like links (including YouTube videos and GIFs), photos, and text.

You are also saved from constant switching between different apps as all these will open right in the application. This app also allows commenting and conversing while you are watching the link.

How to create a space?


Creating a space is very simple. All you need to do is log in to or open up the Spaces app and you will get the access to your current spaces or the option to start a new one.

How to post stuff?


You can post four things, that is, links, YouTube videos, photos, and texts. The YouTube posting is only accessible via the mobile application. The text posting is only barebones at present and you don’t have access to any real form of editing options.

How to start a conversation?


You can comment on a post by clicking on ‘say something’ and you will get an interface that gives you the option to include standard text messages, embed links or photos, or even uses the same set of stickers available in Hangouts.

How to use the search feature?


As this application is developed by Google, it is quite expected from the application to have a powerful search feature. To say that the application fulfils the role nicely would be an understatement. You can look through all the post or conversations that you make on your space to find the content that you are looking for. You also get the option to carry on specific search depending on the type of data that you looking for, like whether it is a link, image, or video.

You can also search for the photos/images that you have clicked on your device via this application.

Is the app any good?

Yes, the app does seem promising as of now. Apart from small bugs and odd design choices, the whole concept is definitely good enough to build a completely new niche. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is very hard to actually guess what Google is looking to accomplish with the app.

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