Google officially unveils ‘Google Home’

Google Home
Google Home

At its I/O developer conference in California, Google has officially announced ‘Google Home’, Google’s competitor to Amazon Echo.

Google Home is basically a small speaker plugged into the wall with series of microphones tuned to hear you from across the room. It can perform various tasks to help you. These tasks include answering questions, controlling music and controlling few of your gadgets. Google’s voice technology is advanced, so it can offer better experience that Amazon Echo.

It includes Google’s new virtual assistant to interact via voice. We have already covered this virtual assistant Google Assistant in previous article.

Google has also partnered with few services to work with Google home. These services are Uber, Pandora, Spotify, OpenTable, Gett, Instacart, Grubhub, Mytaxi, TuneIn, HailO, WhatsApp, Saavn, Ticketmaster, and more. So, you can ask Google Home to use apps for you to perform said action.

Google Home Wi-Fi speaker can also stream music and you can send music to stream via Google cast. Music streaming is not limited to Google Play Music, so you can also use Saavn and Spotify to stream music.

It also has LED lights that blinks and let you know that it is working.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but Google will start shipping this later this year.

Image source: The Verge