5 Interesting Features of CREO’s Fuel OS

Creo Mark 1

On April 13 2016, CREO launched its first smartphone CREO Mark 1 in Indian market. This phone is priced at Rs. 19999. With this phone, CREO wants to solve software issues people usually face. Compay has developed its own Android-based operating system, Fuel OS. This Fuel OS comes with various interesting features. The company promised regular monthly updates with new features. CREO claims that your phone will become like a new phone with every new update. While announcing the phone company also showcases few software features of this Fuel OS.

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5 Interesting Features of CREO’s Fuel OS

These are few interesting features of Fuel OS based on Android 5.1. Company will also send regular updates.

1. Sense

Sense is basically search feature which lets you find anything on your phone in two quick steps. This feature is very similar to spotlight features of iOS. It indexes everything including apps, messages, emails, settings and other things you can search on your phone. You can open Sense search anytime by double-tapping on the home button of your phone. You can even open the Sense search if you are using the app. Just double-tap on the home button and start typing what you want to search. It will start showing you relevant content.


2. Echo

Echo is the answering machine feature for your phone. It can receive calls and take the message from the caller on your behalf. You can listen to these messages anytime later. All these messages are stored in the local storage of your phone. So, you should not worry about the privacy. For using this, you just need to swipe up when your phone is ringing and your phone will go on Echo mode.

3. Retriever

Retriever is the key feature of Fuel OS which makes your phone theft proof. It makes sure that your phone is always within your reach even if it is not with you. It case someone stole your phone and inserted any other SIM, you will recieve email with the location and phone number of SIM inserted. Best thing is that it works even if the phone does not have active internet connection.

Not just this, you will receive notitication even after the factory reset. IN this way, you will always be in touch with your phone.

4. Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding is also a nice feature. Most of use use twi SIMs in a dual SIM phone. Fuel OS smartly uses the dual SIM feature to never miss a call. If you are receiving a call in the SIM which is our of coverage, it will automatically forward the call to other SIM of the phone without any user Smart Call Forwarding. In this way, you will always receive a call if any of your SIM card is in network coverage.

5. Clean Inbox

CREO has used the approach of priority inbox while designing the messaging app for Fuel OS. It aims to group and prioritize your messages. Watch the video below to know how it groups messages and mark it important.

Clean Inbox

It has a strong spam detection mechanism to keep your inbox clean. There is also a smart reply which automatically copies OTPs and reply to messages without opening the full message. In this way, it saves your time.

Not just these five features, there are various other small featuers which you will surely find interesting. CREO Mark 1 grants you control over the notifications, offers smart gestures and smooth software experience. Phone will be in market in coming weeks. This phone is priced at Rs. 19999 and for this price, it seems to be overpriced if you just look at hardware specifications. But you should also consider the software of this phone.

What do you think about this phone? Share your views with us in comments.

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