World’s Mobile Data Privacy Report by Privacy Expert, LEOMaster (Infographic)

Mobile phone panic button
Mobile phone panic button

Use of the gadgets has been continuously increasing, directly leading to increased privacy concerns. To help you get safe from all of these privacy issues, LEOMaster presents App Lock and other safety features via their Android App Leo Privacy. This report features a compiled list of World Wide Mobile Data Privacy.

The following infographic will demonstrate the status of the mobile data privacy issues in the whole world in an illustrative way. It is the, “Mobile Privacy Data Report of Users Worldwide”.

What this report features?

Respectively this report is featuring the things like, how the mobile privacy leaks, what are the ways? Which gender is facing more privacy issues? A Chart visually displaying the privacy concerns via Age Group Distribution. In which countries the users are mainly concentrated about the privacy? The evaluation of the privacy status.

The next thing which this report must contain and containing too is the way how this problem of privacy is being sort out by the people worldwide.

Under this, this info graphic features, how people make use of the anti-theft function, what files are generally hidden, docs, photos or else? What are the preferences of Privacy Protection by country?

Which unlock options users mostly prefer? Which are the popular apps which people often and popularly used to lock? The ratio how Wi-Fi is unsecured, which apps are mostly ought to be get spied? Social, Work or Personal?

All of these questions is answered in this Infographic in an intellectual way. In the end, LEOMaster have gave their pro tips that are about the things what to do and what to not regarding the Privacy.

So, Be Smart! Keep up the Privacy in the right way! It’s better to have a look on the Infographic itself to know everything else.


LEOMaster created this info graphic, featuring some of the awesome facts regarding the mobile data privacy of the World’s people incredibly in the form a Visually Appealing Report. It’s enough to satisfy how much you should be concerned about your Mobile Data Privacy.


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