AnyMeeting v/s GetResponse Webinar Tool Review: Which should you choose to host Webinars and Online Events 

AnyMeeting vs GetResponse
AnyMeeting vs GetResponse


These days webinars, short for web-based seminars, are very much in trend since it gets easier to discuss information in real-time and to carry out presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars over the web even if the gathering is miles away from you. And what make this work successful are the different webinar tools such as the AnyMeeting and GetResponse. Here I am going to compare both of these to give you a better idea of what each one of these has to offer. First, let us discuss the tools in brief.

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What is GetResponse Webinar Tool?

Most of you, who might be using GetResponse as email marketing or landing page builder tool would be shocked to know that it comes with additional functionality to create awesome video webinars. GetResponse boasts itself to be the first webinar marketing service that can improve your conversion rates and bring out numbers of customers to your business. It offers you the range of quality webinar templates and allow your customers easy access to your webinar room. You can create webinar URL and share it with your customers so that they can join your webinar online.


What is AnyMeeting Webinar Tool?

AnyMeeting Webinar tool provides you with all the features that you need for conducting a seminar like a pro. You can send invitations; make audience register for webinars, share audio video, and can even go for email follow ups after the webinar with this tool. It is an awesome tool embedded with features like web conferencing, sharing and recording videos, Attendee waiting rooms, green rooms and much more. You can even dedicate a proper URL to your webinar and invite people using that URL that they need to follow to register or attend the webinar.

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AnyMeeting vs GetResponse Webinar Tool: Comparison

Both these webinar tools are leaders in the market. For people, who wish to buy these tools to carry a successful webinar, it might become really difficult to choose from. So, we have brought a brief comparison on the basis of features that will help them to decide which tool is the best.

Webinars Marketing Solution

Professional webinars with AnyMeeting are here to let you market your services broadly, share your expertise with a large online audience, train large groups of remote colleagues and much more through its amazing features. On the other hand, GetResponse, which is the first email service to provide a complete webinar marketing solution, has been specifically designed to increase your conversions and engagement rates.

Setup and Scheduling

AnyMeeting lets you create webinars and produce custom registration forms to collect information about your webinar attendees. While with GetResponse, it cannot get any easier to create a webinar, enable registrations and start collecting leads. GetResponse’s simple setup and scheduling options allow you to schedule your webinar in just 3 minutes or even less. You can make use of its advanced date-and-time picker option with flexible scheduling options.

Custom Branding

You get to promote your business through creating webinars with AnyMeeting that offers many custom branding options like adding a custom backdrop image and logo. GetResponse also allows you to customize your webinar URL with a title that suits it, leaving an even more lasting impression on all your attendees.

Social Buzz

Promote your webinar and business through Facebook and Twitter by using AnyMeeting’s social media integration. Once enabled, it automatically sends meeting announcements and updates to your feed. GetResponse also features simple one-click sharing options across all major social media platforms to keep your audience engaged. It makes interacting with your attendees more fun through chats, polls, screen sharing, white boards and YouTube integration.s

Screen Sharing

AnyMeeting offers simple screen sharing options (not available on Webinar Pro 500 and Webinar Pro 1000 plans) allowing you to display the document that you’d like to share including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and web pages. But for speedier performance with PowerPoint and PDF documents, you must upload your documents to AnyMeeting. On the other hand, GetResponse also lets you share images and document files during your presentations plus its powerful chat feature works magic to boost attendee engagement and understanding, request real-time reactions and enable private discussions. It also gives you the option of sharing full or partial screen to show attendees what you’re working on.


AnyMeeting webinar tool’s polling feature allows you to gather information, increase engagement or generate live insights related to your webinar topic. While GetResponse offers smart polls feature, including single-choice and multiple-choice questions to gather a more informative feedback. And it lets you make use of intuitive whiteboards to share, discuss, edit and brainstorm together.

Recording and Sharing

AnyMeeting webinar tool lets you record the screen sharing and the audio of your webinar with just one click and allows you to share it with the ones who couldn’t attend live using just a link. While with GetResponse webinar tool, you not only get to record your meetings and capture your events with a simple ‘Click & Start Recording’ tool, recording up to 2 hours of your meeting (max package) but, you also get to make use of its free online storage to manage your playback files and power up your marketing videos.


To opt for services of AnyMeeting, you need to spend a minimum of $18 per month where you can make free calls or meetings with around 30 people. You can raise the plan paying little higher amount if needed.


You need to pay a minimum amount of $25 to opt for services of GetResponse and carry out your webinar marketing campaigns.


Final Say

Both the webinar tools have you covered with everything related to the webinar, from invitations to registration forms, recording, sharing, and follow-ups. But undoubtedly GetResponse does it in a better way through its advanced features and customization options. With GetResponse, you have emails and webinars working together for a complete lead-gen strategy for your business promotion. Though AnyMeeting is a tough competitor to GetResponse, but GetResponse outrages it in many aspects.