Instagram officially rolls out support to multiple accounts


Instagram has been testing its multiple account support feature for past few months. Now, the company has officially confirmed to support multiple accounts via its app. So, users can now use multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously. No need to log out and then log in into different account again and again. This will be helpful for social media managers who usually use multiple accounts on daily basis.

Switching accounts are very easy and with just one tap, users can start using the different account. New visuals have also been added to avoid any confusions. App also supports push notifications for all the accounts added. Users will also have the option to log out from any specific account or from all accounts in one go.

Instagram is very late in providing us the support to multiple accounts. We have been demanding this feature for a long time and Instagram finally added it. It is worth to mention that you can add up to 5 different accounts in the app.

Multiple accounts support is available via the latest version of the Instagram app. So, update the app you cannot see any option to add another account. If no update is available, wait for few days to get the latest update.

Source: Instagram Blog


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