Hike launches a micro-app ‘Car Match’ for odd-even car match in Delhi

Hike Messenger
Hike Messenger


hike messenger Car MatchHike, home-grown mobile messaging service, launched its new micro app ‘Car Match’ within Hike to help users in ride sharing for odd-even scheme in Delhi. This app will help users in sharing rides with friends and others as per odd-even scheme.

With this offering, Hike has joined the category of other cab service providers like Ola, Uber, Meru and few others which are also offering similar kind of car pooling. Carpooling helps in reducing number of cars and hence helps in pollution.

‘Car Chat’ helps users in finding the partner for car sharing and people can chat with their partners before making the final decision. This app asked people to fill up the basic information such as journey details, car number, and the location. Based on these detail, this service try to find possible¬†matches. Users can then chat with those possible matches and decide a commuter partner with whom they would like to share the ride.

This feature is now available for all Delhi users. If are from Delhi and cannot see this in your Hike messenger, ask your friends to invite you.

This week, Hike also alleged that Facebook is blocking its ads. This could be because Hike is giving competition to Whatsapp in India. Hike has around 70 million active users in country. Yesterday, Hike also announced funding from few silicon valley giants.

It is interesting to note that this scheme was announced for pollution but it only helped on reducing number of cars but couldn’t impact in pollution a single bit. It is because car contribute around 9% in pollution and reducing number of cars to half cannot impact more than 4,5% in any way. Delhi government also forcefully asked schools to announce holiday to avoid those buses on streets to show more impact. But on actual measurements this scheme is nothing but a failure in controlling pollution.

But we still suggest all Delhi people to keep carpooling as an habit to reduce the traffic on Delhi road and make this city better to travel.