8 interesting facts about Google’s new logo

September 2015, logo gets new font

Earlier today, Google unveiled its new logo. This decision came soon after Google had organizational restructuring and management changes. New logo has flat design and different font this time. But colors of characters remains same. This logo also has some interesting facts hidden in the design. In this article, we will be covering those interesting facts about Google’s new logo.

1. This is seventh Google logo

This new logo is the seventh Google logo and sixth since Google opened to public in 1998.

See all logos in this gallery

2. Rotated ‘e’

This new logo was created with flat design in mind but it retains the rotated ‘e’ to remind that Google will “always be a bit unconventional.”

September 2015, logo gets new font

3. A multicolored “G” will be the company’s smaller icon, replacing the blue “g.”

Not just logo, Google has also changed its small blue ‘g’ icon. It will be used across all Google products.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.02.50 AM


3. The new Google logo combines “the mathematical purity of geometric forms with the childlike simplicity of schoolbook letter printing.”

4. Google Dots in Motion

According to Google: “The Google dots are a dynamic and perpetually moving state of the logo. They represent Google’s intelligence at work and indicate when Google is working for you.” Soon, you will see these dots in differnet Google products as animating loading gif.

5. Google has also created a new san-serif typeface called Product Sans. This new font will be used to name all Google products. This will make naming uniform but with a distinction between the Google logotype and product name.

6. Previously, Google used different logo for low bandwidth search but this new logo will bring the same logo in both standard and low-bandwidth search.

7. New logo is light-weighted. Special variant of Google’s full-color logo is only of 305 bytes while existing logo was of 14,000 bytes.8.

8. Google has cleveraly used colors in its new logo. Logotype of its logo benefits from whitespace between letterforms, but when colors are adjacent, they optically blend and can result in a darkening and dimming of the original value. See the below video.




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