With its virtual trial room, MyTryRoom wants to solve size mismatch problem of online clothes shopping


Online shopping is now growing faster than our expectation. Now, you can buy most of the things online. Electronics and clothing are most popular among online shoppers. But buying clothes online is not as easy because of different body shape and clothes size. If you are at a shopping mall, you can have an option to check the fitting in trial room, but you cannot do the same while shopping online. This is why, most of the people do not have good experiencing of online clothes shopping. In few cases, you will get clothes which have wrong fitting and then you are forced to return. To solve this problem, few startups have come up with virtual trail room solution. This kind of thing is now in use in shopping websites in UK or US. But in India, we do not have this is kind of thing. This is why MyTryRoom has come up with an idea to offer virtual trial room to Indian online buyers.MyTryRoom

Mytryroom has build a solution for retailers and apparel retailers & brands to visualize a cloth based on its dimensions on various angles. Customers can then personalize a virtual model based on their body size and then try any clothes on this virtual model. In this way, you can get an idea about fitting and looks.

Product Detail - 1 (Key Functionalities)

There is a very useful feature ‘Save’ button, wherein the user can save her outfits for later, when she can check them out again and decide.

It is not just limited to you, you can also share your virtual fittings with friends and ask their suggestions about a particular dress. You can share via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and email.

Product Detail - 2 (Outfits)

MyTryRoom is basically for online retailers related to fashion industry. Their SaaS based virtual trial room is best tool every online shopping website will like to add in their website for better user engagement. It will also reduce the cost of order returns. If users can check it virtually, there will be less order returns due to size problems.

MyTryRoom is located in Delhi where its team of 7 members is trying hard to make its platform better for retailers. Startup is bootstrapped and they are trying to do partnership with various online retailers. MyTryRoom is a new name for you, but in coming months, you will start seeing their virtual trial room on few online retailers.

MyTryRoom is the ideal of Geetika Saigal (age 39) who holds, Hons. Degree in Economics and MBA. She worked in London for a few years as the Director – Business Development (Global Markets) and then returned to India as the Director Sales for India. But she thought to solve this problem which is really a problem of online shoppers.

Idea of virtual trial room is not new. Myntra launches virtual trial room ‘Style Studio’ back in 2012. Later, Myntra also acquired virtual fitting app company Fitiquette. But this is still in very early phase and we are not seeing this kind of thing for customers. I hope MyTryRoom will be able to convince retailers in implementing this virtual fitting room to help customers in deciding what clothes to buy.

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