Now, Enjoy messenger without Facebook account

Messenger Sign Up Android
Messenger Sign Up Android


MessengerPreviously, Facebook made messenger a separate app and gave it autonomy in texting. Now providing some extra autonomy to this messenger app by facebook, users need no facebook account while login in Facebook Messenger. What a user need to login is just a phone number, name and a picture. This is the recent announcement by company.

Starting today, new Messenger users in the US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru can sign up to Messenger without having a Facebook account.

Facebook tested accountless Messenger in India back in 2012 for Android users, but it took around 3 years to make this feature live for all users. Although, the rollout is restricted to specific countries and take time to reach around globe.

The signing up in this new updated Facebook app is simple, just you have to do is download the app and choose “not on Facebook” option and use phone number for the same. This change by the company is for the better experience of users, so that they can in touch with their friends and other contacts without using facebook.

User can enjoy all the features like sharing photos, videos, group chats, voice calling and video calling, stickers sending and a lot more.

Follow the given steps for login in new messenger:

  • Download new updated messenger
  • On Messenger’s welcome screen, you will now see an option “Not on Facebook?”. Click
  • From there, you can sign up with your name, phone number and a photo.

Still, Facebook is suggesting users to sign up for Facebook to enjoy cross platform features of messenger.

Facebook knows the importance of instant messaging app. This is why, it does not want users to come over social networking platform to have conversation with friends. Using messenger just by phone number will help businesses to use messenger. This new update is another step towards messenger for business announced in F8 developers conference.

With 700 million active users, Messenger is already a big instant messaging platform. But to beat SMS and other instant messaging app, it wants to be free from social network. Now, users who do not want to come on Facebook can also use this platform to have conversation. This is true that not everyone wants news feed and social network but everyone wants to chat.

Messenger could be the first taste of users who do not want to come on Facebook. These users will surely come to social networking platform too.

Source: Facebook Newsroom