Apple unveils music streaming servie Apple Music


Apple MusicAfter months of rumours, Apple has finally announced its music streaming service dubbed as Apple Music at its WWDC conference in San Francisco. The new music service will offer music downloads, streaming radio, and a streaming music service.

Apple Music will offer music recommendations on home page based on your interest. It will learn from your interest and music listening capabilities. Apple Music will also be integrated with Siri. So, you can ask Siri to play some tracks. This app will also offer music videos, which you can play within the app. It will come with tens of thousands in HD quality to choose from.

Apple Music service will cost $9.99 per month for individual. There is also a family plan which costs $14.99 for a family of up to six individuals. 3 months trial will also be there. Apple Music will be available starting from June 30. Apple also confirmed that Android support will be available later this year.

First radio station on app will be BeatsOne. It will be available in 100 countries at the time of launch.

This app also comes with a feature called Connect for music celebrities. Celebrities will be able to create their pages. They will be able to upload music, photos, and messages which are shared with his fans. In this way, Artists will be able to keep their fans up to date with their work.


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