This alarm clock app stops ringing only if you take a selfie

Snap Me Up
Snap Me Up

Snap Me UpHave you ever wished to see how you look when you wake up in the morning? If yes, then you can try “Snap Me up” alarm clock app. This app lets you set an alarm which can only be stopped by taking selfie.

Snap Me Up is a like other alarm clock app in which you set an alarm. Alarm clock will ring at the scheduled time and it will automatically open the camera in selfie mode. To silence the alarm, you have to pick the phone and take a selfie of your face. One thing to note that you cannot cheat. It requires a moving face and open eyes. It will not stop the alarm until the face is detected.

Your selfie will be saved in album called: “My sleepy snaps”, where you can check your morning selfies.

This free mobile app is available for Android devices. Developer of the app is also thinking to bring it to iOS platform.

Download Snap Me Up: Google Play store.


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