YouTube introduces cards to make videos interactive

Make your videos even more interactive with cards

YouTube publishers have been using YouTube annotations to interact with viewers for past few years. But users were demanding it to be more flexible. Today, YouTube has announced cards to make YouTube video more interactive.

Cards are like interactive annotations which allow users to add additional information, images and links in videos. Users can set it to pop up at any time. They can inform users about various things. And good thing is that it also works on mobile devices. As of now, there are six type types of cards: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding.

Make your videos even more interactive with cards

You will find Cards tab in your video editor. Stats for cards are now available in YouTube Analytics.

How do Cards Work?

A teaser is shown at the designated time for a few seconds where publisher added the card. Viewers need to click on teaser to access the card.

card teaser


It is worth to mention that do not point the cards to within your video because it may point to different time based on device.

Branding watermark will now be placed at bottom right corner to avoid any conflict with card. Cards pointing to iTunes URL will not work on Android devices because iTubes does not support in Android.

Cards work across all devices, so YouTube wants it to replace annotations we use today. If you YouTube publisher, you can start using these new interactive cards to make your YouTube video more interactive and see how users are engaging with these cards.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog

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