Facebook introduces Amber Alerts to Apps and Web

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Facebook took an initiative with the help of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to find children who are found missing. Facebook does this by sending AMBER alerts to entire community. It sends AMBER alerts to the app and web version of Facebook.

Amber Alerts for Facebook

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AMBER alerts are not sent push notifications, but are seen on timeline of Facebook users. Number of alerts each person see depends on the alerts in that particular area. Some may see few alerts in number within a year and some may not see even a single alert. Case of missing children as determined by local police is qualified for an AMBER alert and then is distribute across Facebook community.

This AMBER alert includes photograph of the missing child, license plate number, description of the child, name and the suspected person for the same. As Facebook is a widely used social networking website, displaying AMBER alerts on timeline of Facebook users would be easy in finding missing children, which was proved before.

Facebook Amber Alerts

As we know, AMBER alerts helps in finding more than 725 children since it was launched and this shows how successful it is. What do you say about this? Would you help your best to reunite the families using AMBER alerts on Facebook? Please, do share with us through comments?

Source: Facebook News Room


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