Circret Bracelet Makes Your Skin a Tablet


Wearable devices is the next big thing in the technology world. We have shared various wearable devices in past. In the same series, today we are adding another interesting wearable smart device called Circret Bracelet. Unlike other smart device, Circret Bracelet does not have any screen for display. But you can check your emails read books and access other things. Yes, all these things without any display. Actually this wearable device makes your skin a touchscreen display by projecting a screen on your screen. And takes input by detecting gestures.

Cicret bracelet

Paris based company has designed the prototype of the bracelet which can be connected to your smartphone. It has a projector and eight proximity sensors which can detect the finger movements to allow you read emails, read e-books, play games, check websites and answer calls on your skin. It also has LED notification lights, accelerometer and a vibration module. Connectivity features of the smartphone are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro-USB.

If you still find it difficult to assume how it will work, you can see the demo video attached at the end of the post. This technology is very similar to the sixth sense technology showcased by Pranav Mistry few years back.

The only drawback I found is that you can only work from one hand. So, your efficiency will be bit low. But still, you can perform most of the tasks. And checking emails on the go without touching your smartphone is really amazing idea.

Circret Bracelet is expected to hit the market in June 2015. But can be delayed. It will be available for around $400. Company is raising funds through crowdfunding. If you are interested, you can donate through their website.

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