Plovist – A platform for artists, art lovers and art buyers



Are you an artist and want to showcase your portfolio to others? Or if you may be an art lover and want to buy beautiful arts by other good artists? If you fall any of these categories, you can try Plovist, a Bangalore based startup. Plovist is a platform for artists and art lovers. On Plovist, artists can showcase their art by creating their art galleries. Art lovers can browse these art galleries and buy the art they like. Basically this platform wants to connect artists, art lovers and art buyers.


Currently it has more than 10,000 users from more than 100 countries around the globe. People can create their personal customizable pages to showcase artworks. Artworks include paintings, photographs and digital art. People who need an artist or artwork can browse the art galleries, buy artworks and hire artists.

What (and Whose) Problem Are They Solving?

Plovist is trying solving a two way problem. One is to provide all the creative people with an online space to showcase their talent. Though there are lot of ways one can show the world about their skills about one dedicated platform is missing. Plovist is doing that. Secondly there are lot of people who are in need to hire artists for freelance work or require designs for their merchandise. Plovist is providing them with the artists.So in short we are trying to be a bridge between the two.

About Founders and Team behind Plovist

Plovist was founded back in April 13 by two school friends Suhaas and Nikhil. Suhaas was working at Oracle as a senior software engineer after graduating from NIT Allahabad. Nikhil was working with HSBC as a business consultant, and did his graduation from IIT Kanpur. Later few interns have also worked with us most importantly Smriti Singh as an operations/business developer and Rohit Mittal as a strategist and marketer.


As confirmed by foundes, they have been approached by several of the incubators/angel investors but they are not going for it as of now. They are approaching for bigger round of funding and they are already in talks with few interested people.