US, India and Brazil are top markets for Windows Phone



According to a new report, India is one of the biggest market for Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices with 7.5 % market share. It comes second after the biggest market US.

Windows Phone focused ad-network AdDuplex has published a new chart which shows the country wise distribution of Windows Phone devices. As per the report, United States is the biggest market of Windows Phone devices with around 11% market share. India comes second with 7.5% market share. And Brazil is the third with 6.9% market share.

Company has collected the data from the 11 of the most popular “global apps” on its ad network. Based on the country reach of these apps, company prepared the chart.

Windows Phone devices market share

Company confirmed that this data may not reflect the actual country wise distribution and they will try to improve the concept to be more accurate for the future reports.

Now, we expect from Microsoft to hint us with similar kind of report.

In past 1 year, we have seen good growth in the sale of Windows Phone devices. Online retailers have also confirmed that sale of Lumia devices have been increased in past. In India, Android is ruling the market. But Windows Phone is gearing faster than it used to be in time before 2013. Lack of RAM in mid-range devices is also a big reason why people are not selecting a Lumia devices. If we go back in 2013 and see the devices, we will only see devices with 512 MB RAM. Even if we see the current devices in market, Lumia 525 is the only device with 1 GB RAM and costs below Rs. 15,000.

Lack of apps is another big reason why people prefer Android over the Windows Phone device. But things re changing and people’s thinking too. So, we can expect the better growth rate from Windows Phone devices in future.

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