Microsoft Announces New Skype iPhone App; It Is Five Times Faster Than Current App


Microsoft will soon update the Skype for iPhone with the newer update Skype app which is said to be the most refined version of Skype yet. This new iPhone app is five times faster and more responsive that the existing Skype app. The new app includes better group chatting, better navigation, notification and sync across all the devices.

Microsoft claims that the new app was redesigned from the scratch to fit iOS best. These are the key features of new Skype app.

  • Faster: New app is faster. And you will notice this as soon as you launch the app. It is 5 times faster than the older version of the Skype available.
  • Smoother: New Skype gives smoother experience. Navigation is easy. As you swipe from conversation through your favorites and then to contact list, you will notice smooth scrolling and transitioning.
  • Deeper Integration: Now the Skype for iPhone lets you do lot more things. You can start group chats from the hub. And you can send your messages or photos to a person who is offline. Other person will see the message as soon as they are available again.
  • Smarter: We all use Skype on multiple devices. So, new Skype has been built to work smarter across all the devices. If you read a message on one device, it will be makred as read on all other devices.

These are the main changes in the Skype for iPhone. The new updated app will be available globally by the end of this week.

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