Google Unveils Docs and spreadsheets for iOS, Android with offline editing


Google has released Google Docs and Sheets mobile apps for iOS and Android. Now, Users can manage their documents on the go with these standalone mobile apps. With Google Docs and Sheets, users can edit, create and view files on their device. Google also confirmed that slides is also coming soon.

Google Docs, Sheets

These apps also come with offline support. So, you can easily view, edit and create documents without Internet connection. Your documents will still be backed up to Google Drive. You can still collaborate with others if editing the same file at the same time,

Launching these seperate apps will also help Google to push minor update in these apps without affecting the whole drive experience.

You can download these apps from Google Play or App Store for free. If you do not download these apps now, Google will prompt to download these apps when you will try to edit or create document in Drive app.

Google Play [Docs] [Sheets]

App Store [Docs] [Sheets]


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