Google Now Gets Parking Location Card, Reminds you Where You Parked Your car


In latest move to make Google Now your perfect assistant, Google has pushed another update with exciting new cards. Latest Google Now update introduces parking location card. It will remind you the location where you parked your car. Card can also remember your previous parking locations.

Parking cards Google Now

“When the card shows up in Google Now, you’ll see an indicator showing the approximate location of your car. To see other locations where you’ve recently parked, touch Previous locations. Your location data for parking location cards isn’t shared with anyone else,” Google explains about parking card.

Google said that Google Now users the sensors of your phone to remember when you leave a moving vehicle. So, you might see the card even if you get out of a public vehicle or friend’s car. In erroneous occasions, you can dismiss the card. You can also choose when you see parking location cards. You can also turn off parking location cards.

Location accuracy is quite good if you parked your car in open place. It might not be as useful as it sounds in a covered parking lot.

Google has also revamped the reminders interface. It won’t clear your existing Google Now Cards when you go offline.

Updates are rolling out gradually and will reach to you in next few days.


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