Microsoft Sells T-shirts, Mug, Hat Saying that Chrome Steals your Data

Scroogle t-shirts Microsoft

For past few months, Microsoft has been trying to defame Google under its Scroogle campaign. Now, Microsoft has started selling T-Shirts, hats, mugs, and sweatshirts which claims that Google Chrome steals your data.

Scroogle t-shirts Microsoft

Company has released the clothing line and you can order it from Microsoft’s online store.

Each product comes with a unique slogan that says something against Google Chrome. One of the slogan says “Keep Calm while We steal your data.”

In one T-shirt which has slogan “I’ watching you,” Microsoft describes how Google is watching you. Microsoft says, “Do you use Google Search? Or Gmail?  Or Google Chat?  Then Google is watching you…all the time.  Creepers gonna creep.”

Microsoft always says that Google does not care for users’ privacy. Gmail scans users’ emails, Chrome access personal data and send to Google, and many other claims. But Google clarifiess that it only scans emails just for advertisement targeting. Microsoft also scans emails but only for malware scanning.

With this step, Microsoft has taken its scroogle step to a next level. Google has yet to respond on this new scroogle campaign.

What do you think about Microsoft’s this scroogle campaign? Share your views with us via comments.

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