Website of Indian Railways and Pune Traffic Police Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

Indian Railways hacked

Today, on Pakistan’s Independence day, two Indian government websites were hacked by Pakistani hackers. Hacked websites are Official Indian Railways website and Pune Traffic Police website. Hackers added deface page on both websites, but now websites have been restored.

Website of Indian Railways was hacked by MindCracker. He defaced sub-domain. He also added a message on deface page. Deface page reads, “Hello Guys. Aooooo Indian Railway Pawned LOL. Go to Hell This hack in reply to Pak Army Website.”

Indian Railways hacked


In similar news, website of Pune Traffic Police was also hacked. Deface messages of the website reads, “Happy Independence Day Pakistan.” Deface page was hosted on, but now it has been removed by Sidlove. Homepage was unaffected.


Few days, Pakistani hackers have also announced a major hacktivist operation against India on August. Although, we have confirmed news only for these 2 government websites. But few more websites may also been hacked.

If you have more news regarding any other website hacking on 14 August, share it with us.

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