Customs Department of Indira Gandhi International Airport Hacked By Pakistani Hacker


A Pakistani hacker “H4$N4!N H4XOR” had hacked and defaced the website of customs department of India’s Indira Gandhi International Airport ( Hacker has also warned website officials to secure their website otherwise he will hack it again.


When I started reporting the hack, website was defaced. But while writing, it became unavailable and showing “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” page.

It is unclear whether any confidential information was leaked or not. There is no official response from Government officials.

This is not the only website hacked by the hacker. Hacker rooted a server with more than 800 websites. This government website was also one of those of Tamilnadu State Agricultural Marketing Board was also defaced by the same hacker as the website was hosted on same server.

See list of all hacked website of the rooted server. A mirror of this defacement is available on

This attack was revenge of the previous hack performed on an Islamic site,, by an Indian hacker.