Soon You Will Be Able to Edit Facebook Posts

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Most of the Facebook users want the ability to edit their Facebook posts. And it seems that this ability is coming soon. Facebook is testing a new feature that lets users edit their Facebook posts. Users can already edit their comments on Facebook and this features was rolled out almost a year ago.

See the post, by Facebook’s Nick Schrock who edited the post.

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Soon You Will Be Able to Edit Facebook Posts

Facebook also confirmed this testing feature to allFacebook.

This feature makes sense because many times we misspell some words in posts. At that moment, we can only delete the post and re-post with correction. After this feature, we can correct the spellings. Like Facebook comment edit, it will also have a history option to see the original post. This will help persons who commented on the older version of the post before editing.

As a Facebook users, do like to have ability to edit your posts? Share your views with us via comments.



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