GoDaddy Announces “Cup Of Coffee” Campaign to Bring Indian Small Businesses Online



India is one of the fastest growing online market, so most of the companies are trying to get better market share as early as they can. Google had already launched India Get Online initiative to bring Indian small business online. They also recently slashed price of Google Apps for Indian SMBs.

GoDaddy Announces "Cup Of Cofee" Campaign to Bring Indian Small Businesses Online

Now, GoDaddy has jumped in the fight with its new campaign called “Cup of Coffee” that is similar to Google’s Get Online initiative. This campaign aims to help to small businesses and entrepreneurs in making their online presence.

In this campaign, GoDaddy will offer following things to Indian SMBs.

  • A DOT COM Doman name
  • A Website
  • Branded Email ID with 1GB space
  • Google AdWords credit worth Rs. 2500 to advertise their business

All these things will cost only Rs. 580. Under this campaign, GoDaddy web experts will go door-to-door in selected countries of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad for promotion. They will showcase how easily people can build websites and then promote with Google Adwords.

“GoDaddy’s small business expertise helped me accomplish my dreams,” said GoDaddy customer Shikhar Dogra, who owns dental tourism business, “I was looking for a simple and affordable way to grow my business and GoDaddy India had all the right tools to help me build my website. Now I can easily reach customers around the world.”