5 Tips to Make Your Online Transaction Secure

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Internet has made our life easier. Now we can do most of our tasks direct from our systems or smartphones. Everything can be done via dedicated mobile apps or websites. Now we can book railway tickets, movie tickets, shop online, money transfer and even education. In India, online shopping business is growing too fast. According to reports, more than 130 million Indian use Internet  But there are many people who still do not want to make online transaction. The reason behind this is online fraud.

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As we know that hackers are too active these days. So online transaction can cause trouble sometimes. To protect your online banking accounts, you should be aware of threats and know how to protect yourself online.

Follow these tips to make your online transaction secure

Always check Payment gateway and Page URL

Whenever you are making an online payment, payment gateway asks to select appropriate bank and options. There are few payment gateways that are popular enough and well-known. On those, you can pay. But be sure to check the URL. Sometimes hackers use phishing to make fake page looks exact the same as original website. While payment, it always connect to bank, at this moment, you must check the bank login URL too.

You should also check whether app is using https URL or not. If a payment gateway does not run on HTTPS protocol, avoid using this.

Use Virtual Keyboard for Better Security

All banking websites support virtual keyboard. If you are using any public computer or your friend’s computer you should use this virtual keyboard. This will protect your password from keylogger. Most of the people do not how to use this keyboard, but it is worth to use if you want to protect your password.

Use Updated Antivirus

Trojan and other kind of virus can steal your browsing data and send to the attacker. So, you must have proper security solutions installed in your system. If we could remember, in US hackers used Zesus Trojan for $150 million Bank hacking.

Download Apps from Official Stores

If you are using smartphone, you should always download mobile apps from official app store. There are many fake stores are available online which contains apps binded with Trojan. So it is risky to use apps from these fake app store. Official apps have all original apps then why to take risk.

Avoid Public Computers and Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

Although, you are following all tips written above, it is recommended not use public computers for secure transactions. In many shopping malls and hotels, we can get free wi-fi hotspot. We should avoid using these wi-fi networks for secure transactions. Hackers can perform MIM attack to steal passwords.

If you are following all give tips, you are secure enough. Try making these tips your habit and shop online without any worry. I also encourage people to use Internet and make life easier. If we can do a task direct from computer, then why to go and stand in queue.

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