How to Soft Reset and Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 2



Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a big screen smartphone launched few weeks back. Although the device is new but over use of internet and virus may create problems. In this case, you can reset the phone to resolve the problem.

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Soft Reset:

Soft Reset is the simpler way and can resolve the normal phone problem. If your Galaxy Note 2 is creating some trouble, you can soft reset the phone. Soft reset does not erase any data from the device but reset it to the older settings.

To soft reset the Galaxy Note 2, press and hold power button for 10-20 seconds. The device will automatically restart and return the device back to the normal condition.

Hard Reset:

If you are experiencing major problems and your Galaxy Note hangs up many times a day, you should try hard reset of the phone. Hard Reset of the phone remove the data and settings from the memory the phone.

Method 1: To perform the hard reset of the phone, go to “Settings” and then “Back up and reset.” Now select “Factory data reset.” Here select “Reset Device” and then “Erase Everything.”

Method 2: Power off the device. Now press and hold Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until you see a recovery menu. Now use volume buttons to toggle your selection to wipe data / factory reset option. To select this option, press power button and perform hard reset.

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