Now get 3D graphs in Google search results

Few months back, Google introduced a new feature for math students in which users can get graph as a search result for a mathematical or trigonometric function. But this feature was not able to pot 3D graphs.

“Just type any real two variable function into Google to see a dynamic, interactive, three dimensional plot. Click anywhere in the graph to rotate it to check out different angles, or scale the view by zooming in or out, or by editing the range in your equation or in the lower-right legend box. For example, if you’re a student studying advanced calculus, the ability to see a three dimensional graph will help you get a better visualization for real two variable functions,” Google explains.

This feature uses WebGL technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser. The main thing about this technology is that it does not need any third-party software to install. This technology is currently supported on modern web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

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