Top 5 WiFi Adapters under Rs. 500

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Nowadays, desktop PCs also come with wifi connectivity but entry-level PCs still lacks this. If you are assembling PC or your desktop PC lacks the WiFi connectivity option, you need to either rely on RJ-45 port for LAN to connect to the Internet. But, you can still get the WiFi connectivity just with a small investment. There are several WiFi Adapters that cost less than Rs. 500. You just need to plug it into a USB port of your system and install the necessary drivers.

In this article, I am listing 5 best WiFi Adapters under Rs. 500.

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WiFi Adapters under Rs. 500 Price Buy Here
TP-Link TL-WN725N Rs. 499 Buy Here
Wayona WYN 12 Rs. 329 Buy Here
TENDA TE-W311MI Rs. 499 Buy Here
iBall Baton 150M Rs. 430 Buy Here
Terabyte 802 Wi-Fi Receiver Rs. 289 Buy Here

5 WiFi Adapters under Rs. 500

1. TP-Link TL-WN725N

TP-Link TL-WN725N

TP-Link TL-WN725N is a sleep, small and ready to use Wi-Fi adapter. It offers Wi-Fi speed of up to 150Mbps. This Wi-Fi adapter also supports 64/128 WEP, WPA, PA2/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption standards. It is easy to setup and the setup utility in 14 languages.

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2. Wayona WYN 12

Wayona WYN 12 WiFI Adapter

Wayona WYN 12 is cheap but good Wireless USB WiFi adapter. It supports Linux, Mac and Windows platforms, so suitable for all kinds of PCs. It supports both WIFI receiving and WIFI AP emitting. It also supports up to 150 Mbps data transfer speed.

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TENDA TE-W311MI WiFI Adapter

TENDA TE-W311MI is another compact USB wireless adapter with speed of up to 150Mbps. It also supports WPA/WPA2 for secure connections. It offers good Wi-Fi range to connect available wifi networks. It is also fully compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

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4. iBall Baton 150M

iBall Baton 150M

iBall Baton 150M is also a similar kind of product to add WiFi connectivity on your old Desktop PC. It can connect to a WiFi network available in 20 meters of the radius. The product is covered with 3 years of warranty.

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5. Terabyte 802 Wi-Fi Receiver

Terabyte 802 Wi-Fi Receiver

Terabyte 802 Wi-Fi Receiver is the last in the list. It is also a good WiFI adapter and supports Windows Platform. It claims to offer up to 300 Mbps data transfer speed and range is around 100 meters. It does not support Mac OS, so do not buy it if you own a Mac.

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