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4 Best USB Type-C Earphones Available in India

Best type-C earphones
Best type-C earphones

Back in 2016, LeEco (Formerly Letv) launched smartphones without a headphone jack and nobody cared. But, after Apple dropped the headphone jack, other brands followed. Now, most Android phones don’t feature a headphone jack. All Android phones without headphone jack support Type-C audio. So, you need Type-C headphones to enjoy music. While these brands offer a 3.5 mm headphone jack to a type-C adapter, it can be lost. Or if you are planning to buy a new earphone, you need to take extra care because not many good USB Type-C Earphones are available. If you are one of those people who own a phone without a headphone jack and are looking for a USB Type-C Earphone, you are at the right place. Here, I am listing the best USB Type-C Earphones available in India.

Before I start, you should know that these phones support Type-C audio which is also used for charging. So, you cannot charge and listen to music over wired earphones at the same time. This is the reason, we recommend Bluetooth earphones for the best experience. Now we have cheap but good Bluetooth earphones. Use these links to get a good Bluetooth earphone.

Reasons why Type-C audio is better than 3.5 headphone audio

  1. Higher Audio Quality: Type-C audio supports digital audio, which means it can transmit higher quality audio than analog 3.5mm audio. This is because digital audio can carry more data, resulting in a clearer, more detailed sound.
  2. Noise Cancellation: Type-C audio supports active noise cancellation, which can significantly reduce background noise and provide a more immersive audio experience. This feature is not available in 3.5mm audio.
  3. Convenient: Type-C audio is more convenient as it allows for charging and audio playback through a single port. This eliminates the need for a separate audio jack and charging port, making it easier to use and carry around.
  4. Future-proof: With more devices moving towards Type-C ports, using Type-C audio ensures that your audio accessories will be compatible with future devices, which may not have 3.5mm headphone jacks.
  5. Improved Durability: Type-C audio connectors are more durable than 3.5mm audio jacks because they are designed to withstand more wear and tear. This means that they are less likely to break or get damaged over time, resulting in a longer lifespan for your audio accessories.

There are several reasons why smartphone companies have ditched 3.5 headphone audio for USB Type-C audio.

Now that most people prefer buying TWS, not many people are buying wired earphones. If you already own a traditional earphone with 3.5mm audio jack support, you can buy a connector. I have made a list of best USB Type-C Earphones if you want a wired earphones for USB-C audio.

Best USB Type-C Earphones

USB Type-C EarphonesPriceBuy Here
OnePlus Type-C BulletsRs. 1290Buy Here
Google Pixel USB-C earbudsRs. 2200Buy Here
Samsung IC050Rs. 999Buy Here
ZEBRONICS Zeb-Buds C2Rs. 399Buy Here

1. OnePlus Type-C Bullets

OnePlus Type-C Bullets

After ditching the headphone jack, OnePlus also launched OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones that also work well with other phones supporting Type-C audio. This earphone offers a good audio experience with a Built-in DAC. It comes with a premium design and doesn’t cost high. It has good sound output but is a bit bass-heavy. So, you will like it if you love bass-heavy tracks but don’t if you prefer balanced output. It is compatible with all phones that support Type-C audio. It is compatible with most smartphones supporting USB C audio. The only thing that is not good in this earphone is the lack of active noise cancellation. But this one is also cheap, so can compromise here.

Tech Specs

  • Speaker Impedance: 24 Ω
  • Rated Power: 3 mW
  • Support 96KHz/24Bit HD audio
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 107 dB

Price: Rs. 1490

Buy Here: OnePlus Store

2. Google Pixel USB-C earbuds

Pixel USB C earbuds

Google also launched USB-C earphones after ditching the headphone jack. Google Pixel USB-C earbuds offer 24-bit audio. The inline button gives access to Google Assistant but only with devices running on Android 9 Pie. You can also use the earbuds for real-time translation. It offers a good sound experience and is compatible with all Android devices supporting Type-C audio.

Google Pixel USB-C is available in India from Google-authorized stores including Flipkart, Reliance Digital, Croma, Vijay Sales, Poorvika, and Bajaj Electronics.

Price: Rs. 2200

Buy Here: Google Store

3. Samsung IC050

Samsung IC050

Most Samsung phones now support USB-C audio. So, Samsung also sells good USB-C earphones. Samsung IC050 is an impressive USB-C earphone. It features in-ear type earbuds and provides stereo audio. The build quality of the earphone is good I also liked the audio quality. There are also call and media control buttons.

  • Wired Headphones
  • In the Ear
  • 20 Hz (Min) – 20 KHz (Max) Frequency Response
  • Inline Remote
  • Microphone

Price: Rs. 999

Buy Here: Amazon

4. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Buds C2


ZEBRONICS Zeb-Buds C2 is the cheapest option in this list. ZEBRONICS is a known brand for computer and mobile accessories. This earphone features a 1.2-meter braided cable and a metallic design. It packs 10mm drivers and comes with extra ear tips. There is also a panel to control volume and calls. It is compatible with all devices that support USB-C audio.

  • Type C earphone
  • In-ear design
  • 10MM drivers
  • Call function and control for volume/media
  • 1.2m braided cable and a Type C connector

Price: Rs. 399

Buy Here: Amazon